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Farewell Parties
Friday, Jan. 30, 2004: Cal-America

The photos below were taken at a joint farewell party. Not only was I leaving Cal-America, but a group of lovely Korean kids also finished their three weeks of study that same day.

The group bids an energetic farewell


Jason placed in the Intermediate class, higher than any other student in the group.  Here he is with Jung, one of our regular students.


Jessica (seated) from the Beginning class, with her sister Pamela (better known as "The Mon-Staaa!")


Yu-mi, Jessica, and Ji-wan were in the Beginning class.  All other students in the group were in a "class by themselves," created especially for their visit.

These photos are of on-going Cal-America students.  I couldn't photograph them all, but I think you can see from the photos what a great group of students I had!


Shin, Kelly, and Sally


Hyun Ju


Auttaporn, also known as "'A' with a big smile"


Ping Pong takes a picture


Mam, Nuk, and Jamie



Sunday, Feb. 2, 2004: Chameli

This was the "Final Gathering," two days before take off.  Unfortunately, few of the pictures came out well.  (New camera, flash problems, etc.)  If you have some good pictures of this event, send them and I'll try to include them!

In attendance were old friends, family, and new friends (students).  I have included only one photo.  The man in the center is, other than family, the person at the party whom I have known the longest.  He is Dave Thom--a friend since we were 12 years old!  Flanking him are people I've known since before I was born--my mom and dad.

Dad, Dave, and Mom



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