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SZPT Campus

Here are some views of the campus where I live and work.

I won't try to map this, but basically:
  • There is a straight line running west from the front gate, up the driveway, through the Admin Building, to a large grassy square which is in front of the Dining Hall
  • The lake is to the right (north) of the grassy square; my building is the second to the right of the Dining hall.  Thus my building faces the lake.
  • To the left (south) of the Admin Building is an assembly area; across that is the library.  The stage is at the east end of the assembly area.

So to walk to the library, I skirt the west and south sides of the lake, walk past the Dining Hall and grassy area on my right, turn right and walk behind the Admin Building (on my left), across the assembly area, and into the library.  Get it?

[UPDATE: In late April 2004, I moved to the center of Shenzhen; I no longer live on campus.]



The front gate, which leads to...


...the driveway (this is the center island)...


...which leads to the Administration Building.


This bush should be the symbol of the city of Shenzhen; it's trimmed in the shape of the old gold ingots once used as money


This lake is right in front of my building (separated by a small grove), which is just out of the picture to the left 


A view across the lake, with my building in the background


My building; I live on the third floor, around to the right


The Dining Hall at the left; my building at the right

A closer look at the front of the Dining Hall

Looking southeast across the assembly area; note the stage at the east end

The assembly area stage


Southwest across the assembly area; the library is at the left, and just out of the picture to the right is the Admin Building



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